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Easily create and manage your store online with Silal to bring your business to it's

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Online made easy

A few clicks and your store is online!

In a few easy steps list your products online and start generating revenue.

Silal will help you create a profile for you business and add products in the most professional way, so your current customers will reach you easier and new customers will explore your amazing products.


Free online store on Silal.


List products with customizations.


Reach new customers segments.

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intuitive platform

A simple interface to help you manage your workday with ease.

Monitor store activity and organize all orders and sales from a single, intuitive platform.

Organize products, track performance, create offers, accept orders, view customers profiles, real-time delivery status, list your working hours and much more!


Simple, visual dashboard for an easy business management.


Track your sales and performance.


Create offers and coupons.

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Focus on what matters

One stop shop for you all what your business needs!

Silal is a full eco-system for business management, by providing access to the best available technological and logistical solutions to speed its growth, starting from a online-space to list products and organize orders, to AI-backed delivery system for a smooth, accurate and fast process.

All these services and more are available to businesses and taken care of by Silal, so you focus on handling orders without the need to contact customers or to follow the delivery process.


More payment methods.


Advanced delivery system.


Ability to promote products & stores.

Key Features

One software handles it all.

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Online Store
All of your business details and products in one place.
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Inventory Management
Track and update your current stock easily.
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Track Performance
Get real-time visibility into orders and sales to better understand them.
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Delivery Service
Deliver almost any product with
real-time tracking.
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Sales 24/7
Your store is available and accepts incoming orders at all times.
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More Payment Options
Allow customers to pay however convenient for them.
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Simple Interface
Work-focused design to help you manage orders smoothly.
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Mutliple Languages
Silal is available in both English & Arabic, with Hebrew coming soon.
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Cross-platform Availablity
Available on mobiles, tablets and desktops, through both Android & iOS systems or via your favourite web-browser.

We give you superpowers


Download Silal Merchant and fill the sign up form

Get the app installd directly on your favourite device, then fill the registeration form to help Silal understand your needs better.


Setup up your profile and list products

After verifying your business, Silal helps you creating a profile, listing your products and provides lots of how-to tips so you get the most of Silal.


Start selling online!

Once your profile and products are listed, customers can explore and buy your products through Silal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to.

What is Silal?
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Silal is a business eco-system, with a mission of upgrading businesses by providing them an online store profile to sell products and reach more customers, in addition to many services such as order live tracking, stock and orders management system and more.
And customers with a safe and reliable destination to buy their favourite products.

How is Silal priced?
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Setting up a profile and listing your products on Silal is free.
Silal takes a percentage that is proportional to your business revenue from Silal, in other words, if you don't sell on Silal, you won't pay anything.

How can my customers pay on Silal?
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Silal allows you to expand your payment options to include credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or Cash-On-Delivery.

What do I need to register at Silal?
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In order to register as a Silal Merchant you need to

  • Be a registered businesses in your country.
  • Provide some basic details such as: name, address, working hours and other details.
  • Provide business related social profiles or website.
  • Business owner identification documents.

How does Silal work?
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Silal provides and online store profile and delivery service for businesses, thus allowing customers from around the country to explore and order products from their favourite stores or discover new ones.

What kind of support am I entitled to?
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                                    about Silal

Silal focuses on providing a best-in-class customer service experience for it's Merchants, using AI and automation frameworks to provide a tailored solution for every problem, our customer-service representatives are available throughout your business day via in-app chat, WhatsApp, e-mail and other communication channels.

Is there a mobile app?
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Yes, Silal Merchant app supports mobile, tablet and desktop resolutions. In addition, Silal apps can be downloaded on both iOS & Andorid operating systems.

Do I need a new cashier?
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No. Silal works as a stand-alone application or through a website browser, so as long as you have access to the internet, you can manage your business and accept new orders anywhere and anytime.

Get everything you need to launch and grow your business online, with Silal 🚀